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Hypnotism, hypnosis, hypnotherapy are not replacements for any diagnosis or treatment of any mental or physical illness, complaint or ailment.  Lisa Halpin does not diagnose, treat, or cure in any way - any medical or psychological condition, illness, or disease.  Hypnotism is not the practice of psychology, psychiatry or medicine, and is not a substitute or replacement for proper diagnosis and treatment by an appropriate licensed professional.  Persons with medical or mental disabilities, complaints or illnesses should seek proper licensed care.
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What do you really want in life? 

What do you want to do, be, and have? 

Are you already successful and want more success in all areas of your life? 

Or do you sometimes just feel 'stuck'
and can't seem to get past some issues or problems?

Maybe it's about balance - perhaps you'd like to
get a better handle on managing work, home, family,
and finding any time for yourself. 

Maybe you're getting it all done (or most of it)
but it feels like you're on a 'hamster wheel' of stress
that keeps going and going and you just need a break! 
I can help you move from Potential Into Reality by helping you access the power of your mind to help you get past obstacles, overcome old patterns, and 'reprogram' your mind (and your life) for success. 
Maybe you just want to move forward in life, keep things in perspective, set priorities, achieve goals, balance your life, and accomplish more  -- to be the best you can be! 
We can do that. 
Do you want to lose weight, get rid of bad habits, get a good night's sleep, pass an exam, be more confident, do better at work, let go of worries and fears, enhance your creativity or improve at sports? 

We can work through all of those things - and more! 
To move from Potential Into Reality - the tools I use help you to access your conscious mind (the part that often knows what you want, but you're still not 'there'); your subconscious (the part you're often unaware of that actually 'runs the show') and your higher mind (also known as your intuition, insight, etc.)

We're working with every level of your mind to help you overcome obstacles, move through issues from the past, and create the life that you want. 

I work with normal, everyday people
with everyday challenges,
issues and problems. 

Access your personal potential for positive change --
for self-improvement in many areas of your life including:
Release Stress
Weight Control
Increase Self Confidence
Enhance Sports Ability
Improve Memory/Concentration
Eliminate Fears
Enhance Creativity
Instant Relaxation
Eliminate Unwanted Habits
Improve Sales Skills
Stimulate Motivation
Set and Achieve Goals
Develop Positive Attitudes
Study More Effectively
Enhance Public Speaking Skills
Reduce Fatigue and Increase Energy
Promote Restful Sleep
Raise Self Esteem
Complement Medical/Dental Treatments*
And much, much, more!

Using Hypnosis, NLP, EFT / Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique), HypnoCoach® & Potential Into Reality tools and other methods of accessing the power of your mind, you'll be learning how to change your mind,
your attitudes, your actions, your behaviors, and
get past being 'stuck' or living on the hamster wheel.
*Is this some kind of therapy or medicine? 

No, it's not - and it's not meant to be a substitute for psychotherapy or medical treatment of any kind - if you have any medical or psychological issues to deal with, please consult a licensed professional in those fields. 

Many issues may be helped by relaxation and release of stress or symptoms,
and your licensed physician, psychologist, or therapist may authorize
or recommend your use of these self-help methods as a
complementary adjunct to their professional services. 
You may want ask your licensed professional for a release or referral.
Free phone consultation: 888-497-8416
Free phone consultation: 888-497-8416
Free phone consultation: 888-497-8416